XPR-H3S upto XPR-H27S (halo - racing)

XPR-H3S upto XPR-H27S (halo - racing)

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Above 6 LED) to tilt out to create a mixed or combo beam pattern

Increasing the spread of the light, tilting reflectors creates even more visibility for the driver

The XPR-H series offers several mounting options, Vision X's patented feet mounts, new end mount brackets, or pair the patented feet mounts with Vision X's billet tube mounts (available as an accessory) to mount to roll cages or any tube framing

New end mounts securely fasten to the housing with two bolts and lock washers per end, and allow for vertical adjustment once mounted.

Vision X Europe Xmitter Prime Iris
Vision X Europe Xmitter Prime Iris

  • PWM Integrated Dimming Circuitry
  • Propreitary IRIS Reflector Technology Featuring Tilting Reflectors
  • Full Range Fills In Road Way
  • Xtreme Five Watt LED is Driven to 90% Efficiency
  • Integrated Electronic Thermal Management
  • Weatherproof Deutsch Connector
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Patent Pending

Technical Information

GO# Beam Pattern Raw Lumens Dimensions Amp Draw Wattage
XPR-H3S Straight 3,237 lm(ea) 22.2/80.01/81.02mm 2.5A 30 Watt
XPR-H6S Straight 6,474 lm(ea) 292.1/80.01/81.02mm 5A 60 Watt
XPR-H9S Straight 9,711 lm(ea) 500/80.01/81.02mm 7.5A 90 Watt
XPR-H12S Straight 12,948 lm(ea) 609.6/69/76.25mm 10A 120 Watt
XPR-H15S Straight 16,185 lm(ea) 746.76/69/76.25mm 12.5A 150 Watt
XPR-H18S Straight 19,422 lm(ea) 881.38/69/76.25 mm 15A 180 Watt
XPR-H21S Straight 22,659 lm(ea) 1016/69/76.25mm 17.5A 210 Watt
XPR-H24S Straight 25,896 lm(ea) 1150/69/76.25mm 20A 240 Watt
XPR-H27S Straight 29,133 lm(ea) 1285.24/69/76.25mm 22.5A 270 Watt
Vision X Europe

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